We are Pakistan’s 1st and leading healthcare facilitator firm, working in Pakistan to facilitate patients for their world class medical treatment available anywhere in the world at affordable cost. At the moment we are providing services for UK and India.

We are the official representative of below mentioned hospitals.

Representations with International Hospitals
Royal Free Hospital, UK                 (all clickable)
Fortis Hospitals India
Apollo Hospitals India
Medanta – The Med City hospital in India.

Our services available for all treatment in our represented hospitals. Major services of these hospitals are:
Liver Transplant
Heart Transplant
Lungs Transplant
Bone Marrow Transplant
Kidney Transplant
Children with Congenital Heart Defects
Cochlear Implantheart
Neuro Surgeries
Cosmetic Surgeries
And many other diseases with their best medical treatments.

Our process is:
When patient contact us

  • guide about total procedure
  • get patient medical reports and forward to Indian doctor for expert opinion and estimated cost
  • guide patient about doctor’s opinion and approximate cost on treatment
  • guide tests of donor (in liver and kidney transplant case)
  • get reports of donor from patient and forward for opinion
  • update about opinion
  • guide patient about embassy requirements for visa and travel
  • after visa update patient about hospital requirements
  • make their travel and hospital arrangements
  • regular in-touch with him in India / UK
  • after treatment and coming back to Pakistan feedback about services and complete process
  • regular in-touch with him for future