What we Do

What we do

We are a healthcare facilitator firm, working in Pakistan to generate patients for international hospitals for the diseases treatment which are not available in Pakistan or available but not on good standards.

In Pakistan, there are lot of patients of hepatitis and tumors. Due to hepatitis and tumor in liver, it becomes cirrhosis in liver and ultimately patient needs liver transplant as the treatment of cirrhotic liver. So, we arrange medical camps time to time for patients who are suffering from liver disease or needs liver transplant. If doctor advise them treatment at their centre in UK or India, then we will make their hospital and travel arrangement for their medical trip.

We also have patient for

Liver Transplant

Heart Transplant

Lungs Transplant

Bone Marrow Transplant

Kidney Transplant

Children with Congenital Heart Defects

Cochlear Implant



Neuro Surgeries


Cosmetic Surgeries

And many other diseases

Our process is:

When patient contact us

  • guide about total procedure
  • get patient medical reports and forward to Indian doctor for expert opinion and estimated cost
  • guide patient about doctor’s opinion and approximate cost on treatment
  • guide tests of donor (in liver and kidney transplant case)
  • get reports of donor from patient and forward for opinion
  • update about opinion
  • guide patient about embassy requirements for visa and travel
  • after visa update patient about hospital requirements
  • make their travel and hospital arrangements
  • regular in-touch with him in India / UK
  • after treatment and coming back to Pakistan feedback about services and complete process
  • regular in-touch with him for future